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Learn more about WAN & Cloud WANs

The wide area network is one of the greatest technological advancements of the modern era. The internet itself is a wide area network. Of course, the WAN (wide area network) has advanced greatly in recent years. Two such advancements are SD-WAN or Cloud WAN.

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A Cloud WAN is essentially a wide area network that has features that help to make sure that it is extra secure from hackers, viruses, and any other online threats. They also are known for running smoothly and letting you know if there is likely to be any difficulties running it. Why they run as quickly and smoothly as they often do is that there are practices in place to streamline computer resources. They essentially use downloadable software as the platform for the WAN. A good example of a Cloud WAN is google’s apps.

There are different types of Cloud WANs. Some are relatively public, such as is the case with google apps. If you buy the app, you have access to the streamlining of the Cloud. However, some corporations may use more exclusive Cloud technology that only gives those involved with the company access to the “cloud”. Cloud technology can be as restrictive or unrestricted as the maker of the technology decides that it will be.

Cloud technology has become quite popular in recent years with google’s apps. Millions and millions of users have apps downloaded to their phones and other electronic devices. Not only that but there are hundreds, if not thousands of apps to choose from. There are apps for all sorts of things, from alarms to get you up in the morning to video games to the keeping track of the stock market. Apps have arguably changed our lives. There was a time when we had to do our research in libraries, then there was a time when we had to sit down at a desktop or laptop computer and “look something up”. Nowadays, we can simply turn on our phone and use our mobile app to check on something such as the weather, the stock market, or a myriad of other things. As time goes on, there will likely continue to be more and more “apps” that come out, increasing our access to information dramatically. In the future, with increasing technology, “apps” may be able to do things that are genuinely unimaginable today, just with the click of a button on a smartphone.