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Newly Developed and Future Cloud Technology

There are also other, even newer cloud WANs that are coming out. One such example is a company called Talari. They have invented a form of cloud technology that can successfully streamline the communication between different computers miles apart so that even if one of the networks fails, information can still be exchanged. This would be very useful in the business world as it would eliminate the possibility of the internet “crashing”. Using this technology, a single internet “crash” would not interfere with a company’s operations. Who knows, one day in the future, this kind of technology might become commonplace, not just in large corporations. Someday in the future, internet “crashes” may be a thing of the past. If internet “crashes” were a thing of the past, we would be able to truly have access to just about any kind of information at any time without even having to worry about a technical glitch stopping us.

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Not only has the internet been an incredible invention of recent times, but it is still advancing at a very rapid pace. This new Cloud technology is a very new phenomena and the term only dates back to the late 2000s. Nowadays, the average American is likely to have a few “apps” on their phone, something that did not even exist until very recent times. Given this, who knows what will be soon to come with regard to cloud technology for wide area networks. Someday, technology may be capable of things that seem like science fiction today.